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It does not really matter you are new to the city or have been living there since years; living in the big cities require someone to have some surviving tips and ideas, so that he/ she may able to survive in the big city.

This is very likely that, if you are living in the big city, you might easily get lost and confused even if you have been there over millions of times.

In the past years I have spent time in some big cities like London, Los Angeles, and Chicago, so I definitely can say, living in big cities is not easy. But hopefully, the following tips and guidelines for surviving in big cities will help you too, that it helped me.

Tips and Guidelines:

1.    Avoid looking like a visitor –
Trying not to look like a visitor/ tourist has lot more benefits especially when you are actually a tourist. It can save you time, money and even embarrassment. For example – you will find yourself in trouble and make local cab drivers to cheat on you, if you deliberately let people to know that you are one. Locals in general will also treat you in the same way, if people know you are new to the place and have no idea about any sort of things.

So to avoid to being cheated and embarrassed, make sure you avoid looking, even act like a tourist.

2.    Walk –
Don’t linger when walking down the street, because this may reveal the fact that you are new to the place. Also confirm that you are courteous with people otherwise you may get yourself into any sort of embarrassment or trouble.

3.    Stay out of people’s way –
This is the suggestion that relates to suggestion number 2.  You have to avoid getting in people’s way. Never ever stand in the middle of the way and do not interfere with anybody’s personal affair.

4.    Know where you are going –
Of course, you will require a cab for travelling. But before you hire a Cab Service, it is important you know the service is a reliable one and you can trust them. Besides, it is also important that you know the travelling path of your destination to avoid to be misguided to some other locations. You can use mobile GPS apps in your Smartphone to know where you are going.So friends this is the idea how to survivein a big new city.

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